Looking back at the ADA 2012 Annual Session

After last month’s ADA 2012 Annual Session, Kathy Kincade from DrBicuspid.com wrote an incredible article highlighting the event and some of the key takeaways and technologies.

ADA 2012 Annual Session

The article mentions many of the great technological innovations that were on display, evidencing the importance of emerging technology in the field of dental practice. Also included is a great description of the impact and popularity of the Pride Institute’s “Best of Class” award, which mentions that the Pride Technology Expo presentations were completely sold and filled with standing-room only crowds.

Other highlights include a summary of how a dental team can determine if a new technology is beneficial for the practice. Also reviewed is digital impressionism, catching the attention of dentists everywhere as it continues to improve as a practical and affordable instrument.

The 2012 ADA Annual Session was an incredible event that showcased the talent in our industry continuing to grow and innovate. I was thrilled to see highlights of the event and such a great depiction produced by Kathy and DrBiCuspid.com

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