Another great year for the Pride Technology Expo

It’s difficult to convey just how exciting it was for me to once again host the Pride Institute “Best of Class” Technology Expo last month at the ADA Annual Session. For yet another year, the Pride Institute had the opportunity to address the dental community to recognize and share the best technology practices in the industry. Four years ago, this began as an effort to provide the dental community with expert advice on technological advances. This year, every presentation was sold out with only standing room available as our industry recognizes the value of its key innovators and appreciates the importance of keeping up with these technological advances.

Photo by EZ Event Photography, courtesy ADA News. © 2012 American Dental Association

I can’t go without mentioning and thanking my “VIP circle” of fellow dentists, all of whom have made terrific contributions in this effort: Thais Carter, John Flucke, Larry Emmott, Kevin Henry, Marty Jablow, Parag Kachalia, the American Dental Association, Richard Schuch, Paul Feurstein, Damon Adams. Follow these people on Google+

On behalf of the Pride Institute, your participation and involvement means the world to us and we look forward to seeing you all again at next year’s event.

If you’re interested in technology or social media, follow me @LouShuman on Twitter and Dr. Lou Shuman on Google+. I am always open to connect and I love posting and sharing anything interesting and helpful.

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