Defining Return on Investment: Making Every Technology Purchase Count

At the first-ever JADA Live event in September, I was very excited to present my course, “Defining Return on Investment: Making Every Technology Purchase Count,” to an audience interested in learning about making investments in forward-thinking dental technologies and their application at clinics. My course was among the many events at JADA Live that featured a variety of practitioners and educators speaking about the intersection of digital technology and dental medicine.

Photo by EZ Event Photography, courtesy ADA News. © 2012 American Dental Association

Other seminars included “Growing your Practice with Technology And Social Media” from Dr. Edward J. Zuckberberg, who focused on marketing. Dr. Justin Moody focused on the benefits of digital imaging solutions in “Digital Radiography – the Future is Now.” The topic of using 3D with regard to implant and restorative dentistry was explored by Dr. Bryan Couch in “Clinical Treatment Planning with Cone Beam 3D.” Lastly, Dr. John B. Ludlow discussed the legal and regulatory aspects of dentistry in “Mastering the Art of Radiography.”

Thanks to the fine folks at JADA who put on the event, we were able to engage the dental community in a discussion about where emerging technologies will lead us and the positive impact on patients that will come as a result.

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